MKCL’s KLiC Digital Freelancing Course

We all now know that after Corona, the employment world is Gig Economy i.e., Freelancing. In the field of Digital Freelancing, Indian youth engagement is on the rise. It is very important now to become an entrepreneur in the digital world by acquiring up-to-date digital skills. Introducing them to the world of Digital Freelancing, we present you MKCL’s KLiC Digital Freelancing Course that can be learnt at home using our mobile app.

Watch this video to Understand What is Freelancing and The Types of Freelancing Jobs

Our Mission: To drive the knowledge and skills of Freelancing to the youth in their selected career field through the decades of professional and ideal advancement.

Watch this video to Know Some of the Jobs Available in the World of Digital Freelancing

The following are some of the benefits to people entering the field of freelancing:

  • Millions of worldwide freelancing portals for these young people as well as millions of works/projects of companies are available on a daily basis.
  • Many opportunities to work in small/medium/large project companies in the portfolio of large companies.
  • To get the freelancing jobs – Vacancies, Certificates, Permits, Immigrants, Passports, Debts, Citizenship of the specified country is not a requirement.
  • Work productively at home and earn money in return for work.
  • Freedom to perform self-skill based tasks/projects
  • Freedom to work in rural or urban areas from home or training center or other places of your choice.
  • Flexibility of work, time and place.
  • No ‘dress-code’, no boredom as you choose the field of your interest as your career.
  • There is no maximum limit on the average monthly salary.
  • Working in the multiple fields by acquiring daily skills.
  • It is possible to work on many projects at the same time, so it is easy to generate more revenue.

Learning Methodology

As soon as the admission is confirmed, we share the KLiC Digital Freelancing mobile app to start the learning.

Mobile App gets de-activated after 45 days of activation. The duration of the course is 60 hours divided into 50 sessions. Students are expected to complete two sessions per day to finish the course within timeline.

After obtaining the required marks in the final examination, the students will be given MKCL’s KLiC Digital Freelancing Course Completion Certificate.

Fees: ₹2,250 only

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